Wrought With Talk

Backlash to The Flip The Script Backlash

The Life Of Von

To begin, thank you to Tracy the author of the previous post here at The Life of Von and for the ideas and feelings expressed. (https://eagoodlife.wordpress.com/2014/12/06/the-war-on-national-adoption-month) The writer makes many points, all worthy of discussion, here are a few. – “I don’t want adoption to be wrought with talk about how wrong it is, but the fact is, there is pain surrounding adoption. In most cases it isn’t in the adoption itself that causes pain, but in the events surrounding the adoption. Yet, there’s so much that is beautiful about adoption, and I feel it’s beginning to get lost in the muddle, in the anger, in the “political correctness.” It is not possible to put out such views and expect them to be accepted by all. Those of us who know adoption from the inside, who live it daily and will do so, without choice, for the rest of our…

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