Downton Abbey’s Alarming Failure to Pander

Thank you, Adopto-Snark, for just the right amount of necessary snarkiness in this post. As a Downton Abbey fan and an adoptee, I appreciated it.


or, How Can TV Writers  Fail to Consider My Fee Fees?

So there’s this TV show. The snurchin watched the first three seasons and has currently lost all interest, but she remembers it pretty well, and (warning!) is about to spoil some of it for you.

On Downton Abbey, one of the noble Crawley family’s three daughters, Edith, has a baby out of wedlock, and does what wealthy women in such a situation did back then: flees to France to give birth in shame, leaves the  baby with a rich family, and “gets on with her life” like a a “birth mother” should.

However, the show currently takes place in (I think?) the 19020s, so this is not an adoption. When Edith changes her mind, she simply goes and retrieves the baby. She can’t keep her, of course; she moves her daughter from France to live with…

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