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We are not what we seem….


Even keeping in mind that “Dr Phil” is a media whore and I have little respect for his viewers, this still stings, knowing they speak for a huge portion of society.


Dr. Phil had posted this on his Facebook page about 48 hours ago:

“Working on a show: Should a birth mother retain visitation rights to a child she chose to place for adoption?”

Well, that post has garnered over 14,000 comments and nearly 550 shares….in 48 hours.  I have been watching what has been said on that one post since roughly 3 hours after it was posted…. And I am absolutely blown away by what people are saying. Comments referring to relinquishing mothers as “not a mother”, “dysfunctional teen agers”, and a new one for me… “a birthing pod and not a birthing mother”. I have seen them refer to adoptees as “somethings”, “bought and paid for”, and “belonging to” their adoptive parents….their “real mom and dad”. They have called adoptees “chosen”, “lucky”, “special”, and “gifts”.  It is enough to make the strongest adoptee or natural mom sick to their…

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