Fifth-teen Years And The Money Continues to Flow

America’s Deadly Sins: Family Devastation For Profit

How Child Protection Services Buys and Sells Our Children

cashkids2via America’s Deadly Sins: Adoption For Money And Big Bucks – The Reprint.

What better way to wrap up National Child Abuse Awareness month then to share a post our friends at America’s Deadly Sins shared with this reprint of a May 5, 2000 issue of the Massachusetts News.

Adoption Incentive 2014

About the only thing that has changed is National Adoption month has moved from May to November. Despite articles such as this revealing the truth, this industry has grown to more than $40 billion annually. Many states now collect more in adoption incentives each year then many states have collected from the beginning. Texas in 2012 collected $10,024,00 which is almost 22.5 times  Massachusetts’ $447,126 total since FY1998.  Texas leads the nation in that same time frame with a grand total of $63,592,654 a full 147% of 2nd place Florida at $43,192,496. Texas is also the…

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