Bad Seeds & Split-Feathers: November’s Happy Adoption Month

I was going to start Flip The Script month (AKA National Adoption Month) with my own post about Orphan Sunday, but this is better. Much respect to my nameless sister in adoption.

tabulaRasaFBNovember is a surreal and painful month for me: it’s National Adoption Month, Native American Month and possibly my birth month. The perfect traumatic trifecta!

While non-adoptive families are preparing to be grateful and thankful for their lives with their loved ones (Thanksgiving, Christmas), I am preparing to endure another year of not knowing my biological family and trying to accept that I will die, never seeing my birth mother’s face, or hear her voice or receive a hug from her.

I will die like I have lived, as the mythical changeling, forever severed from heritage, family and identity. And I will die knowing I failed miserably as the replacement baby that was supposed to cure my adoptive mother’s infertility.

So why am I upset about November celebrating Native American Month? Because I was told by my adoptive mother that I was mixed-blood American Indian and Irish. Given…

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