Adoption and Masculinity

Great piece by the Snarkurchin. (…a bitter Baby Scoop Era adoptee, feminist, adjunct proffie and angry hedgehog.) I love this so much I don’t even know where to start. I encourage everyone to share, in hopes the Angry Male Commenter will see it. Even if that doesn’t happen, this post educates in a delightfully snarky way.


November is full of Good Adoptees, the cheerleaders for adoption who DARE to STAND UP and parrot the dominant public narrative about adoption as if we couldn’t get that story everywhere and anywhen. Blessing, gift, real parents, better life, blah blah blah. It’s old hat, and it makes it tough to blog in November because one feels one has written about it a million times. So today I want to point out that that I think men and women tend to talk about the blessing of adoption differently.

For one thing, fewer men than women search. My a’bro has told me more than once that he is not interested in knowing where he came from, and that his first mother was a “military slut.” He does not seem to take into account that, unlike mine, his parents were married at the time of his conception and birth. He also doesn’t…

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