Alabama Adoption Trafficking Human Rights Violations & “Adoption Rocks”

Yes, this is happening now, in 2016. Human trafficking under the guise of newborn adoption.

The Burning Times of Vesper Woolf

Calling on all humanists and feminists: We need to advocate a halt to newborn adoption trafficking. 97.7% of mothers are coerced/bullied into “adoption” due to lack of poverty and/or single status. Yes, this is still happening in the 21st century. Private attorneys and companies, along with religious charities, comprise a multi-billion dollar adoption trafficking industry in the US alone. Newborns fresh of the wombs of impoverished, disenfranchised girls and women go to the highest bidders deemed “appropriate” by baby sellers. Unsurprisingly, Alabama domestically leads in this crime against humanity with “pre-birth consent”, which is grossly misrepresented as a consideration, or preliminary, but a fetal relinquishment in legal actuality. Yes, FETAL relinquishment – a fallacy of fallacies and an oxymoron that shouldn’t exist. This reduces women to brood mares and babies to commodities and “gifts”. Last time this rhetoric was popular in Alabama, it was the 1860s….

Pre-birth consent is explicitly…

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