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The Trauma of Adoption


Although my own adoptive parents were wonderful, the practice of adoption itself is a twisted and corrupt business.

The Burning Times of Vesper Woolf

“If war is man’s inhumanity to man, then adoption is woman’s inhumanity to woman.” ~Celeste Billhartz
Everybody wants a puppy. Everybody wants a kitten. Everybody wants a newborn. And this superficial sentiment is exactly why newborn adoption, specifically, should be illegal. Just because you want something doesn’t mean you deserve it, or you’re owed it. To adopters and would-be adopters:  No poor, single, or young mother owes you a baby because you’re infertile, wealthy, and/or desire a baby.

Adoptive “parents” tend to grow tired of their bought commodity; and, when bought baby acts out, s/he is exhibiting “bad seed” behavior. Often the adoptive “mother” exhibits hostile parenting to the child she purchased. As I’ve stated on other posts, maybe nature knows that such women, women who creepily covet the newborns of others, are just not cut out for motherhood. A research journal abstract/source I received from an adoptee and fellow…

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