Internationally Adopted Children In Our Anti-Immigrant Culture

So much for “as if born to.”

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In the eyes of federal immigration law, internationally adopted babies and children are immigrants. Not beloved sons and daughters. Not forever family.

We are living in a decidedly anti-immigrant culture now, one that is leery of legal and illegal immigrants, that often lumps them together with a snarl, that often is particularly suspicious of those immigrants who are not white. Proof of citizenship is vital.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) just announced potential fee increases in the Certificate of Citizenship (CoC). You can read about it here. Scroll down to “Section IX Proposed Fee Adjustments to IEFA Immigration Benefits.” The fee for the CoC could go from $600 to $1,170, a 95% increase.

The CoC applies to anyone who would like to document their U.S. citizenship status based on U.S. citizen parentage. It pertains especially to those born outside the U.S., and thus internationally adopted children.

Depending on…

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One thought on “Internationally Adopted Children In Our Anti-Immigrant Culture

  1. Yes, an adoption myth and adoption propoganda proven incorrect. As if born to is not synonymous with born to. As if born to is not the same as born to. And born out side the United States, or it’s territories, is not the same as born in the United States even with citizen parents. It used to be that a passport, whether it had expired or not, was sufficient. Since the creation of Homeland Security a Certificate of Citizenship is now required.
    It all seems pretty straight forward to me.

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