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Make-Believe Make Believe is Too Damned Real


Thanks to the Snarkurchin for bringing this sickeningly “cute” business to our attention. Way to further commodify adoptees, Ms Aldridge.


I’ve been writing this blog on no particular schedule for over five years now years now (I can’t believe it either.) Sometimes I go dark for month after month, and when I do, I ask myself, “Snarks, what’s it gonna take for  you to post again?” And then something like this comes along, and I can’t not.

Mrs. Kristy Aldridge of Winchester (?), Kentucky says she wanted to share her adoption story and teach children about adoption. But how? Should she start a blog? Write a book? Write a press release? Set up an interview? No, none of those.

No. She opened a fake hospital-cum-baby store for little girls. (So her “adoption story” is yet another one told from the POV of the AP. What a surprise.)

Two weeks ago, Kristy Aldridge decided to start Choosing To Love Babies, a baby doll adoption program in an infant nursery room at…

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