Why Newborn Adoption isn’t Biblical

Adoption has been a millstone placed around mine and my daughter’s necks for 17 years. For years, I have heard “Christians” speak of the “blessings” of adoption. I have been confused as to what was…

Source: Why Newborn Adoption isn’t Biblical


2 thoughts on “Why Newborn Adoption isn’t Biblical

  1. Adoption is a brand, packaging, a product for something much more profitable than mother-child. It speaks to the obscenity of trafficking.

  2. Founders of Christianity, and followers today, know nothing about brain neuroscience. How separating a new born infant with its bio-caregiver halts the neurons on the right side of the brain from maturing and connecting.. these neurons are for intimate bonding. This new frame of reference (trauma-survival) creates a person that will base relationships on survival, not intimacy. Dr. Allen Schoen: Attachment Theory.

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