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My Chosen Children


Kristin Chenoweth
Voted “Most-Fogged Adoptee Celebrity” by clear-thinking adoptees everywhere

What do I have against Ms. Chenoweth? I admit that until I read her glowing commentary on adoption I had never heard of her. Apparently she is an award-winning actress, which is great – we need more artists. What is not great is her seemingly endless determination to make adoption not only as natural as birth, but actually superior to it.

On “Lion” and Adoption

Biggest Blessing of Them All

In both Huffington Post, um, posts, adoptees are referred to as “adopted children” no matter their age, the “g-word” (grateful) is directed toward the adoptive parents (hers were fantastic, sorry for yours), and of course: We were CHOSEN.

“I wasn’t Expected – I was Selected!” 

I have news for you, Kristin: My children were also chosen. The issues of my womb, of my own DNA.

I chose their father. I chose to become pregnant. I chose to continue the pregnancies. I chose how to give birth. And I chose to raise these children. You cannot get much more “chosen” than that. Trying to elevate adoption above biology to avoid facing the fact that adoption comes from loss is simply juvenile. Despite your damnable youthful appearance, you’re 48. It’s time you act like it. You’re not an adopted child, you’re an adult adoptee.

Elle Cuardaigh is author of The Tangled Red Thread