The Call to Adopt: Christians and Adoption.

Amen and amen. “The wicked snatch a widow’s child from her breast, taking the baby as security for a loan.” Job 24:9

Bleeding Hearts

I’ve heard these phrases often:
“We always felt called to adopt.”
“We never felt compelled to have our own children, so we chose to adopt.”
“Adoption was laid on our hearts.”
“We prayed about it and decided we would adopt.”
“We prayed for this child.”
“Adoption was God’s plan for our family.” etc. etc. etc.

Each of these comments prompt me to ask this question: If you knew you were called to adopt your children, if this was your prayer, then is it remotely possible that you misunderstood what the Lord was saying? And if you misunderstood, then how is it so many are misunderstanding what He is trying to say?

I am asking.

I know so many women that have struggled with the pain of infertility, even so, is it possible that maybe, just maybe, the desire of your heart is louder than the voice of the Lord? See…

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3 thoughts on “The Call to Adopt: Christians and Adoption.

  1. This is what the Quran says regarding bringing a child into you home who is not your biological genetic daughter or son — a child must keep its name and its inheritance… he/she is to be protected by GUARDIANS -NEVER adopted, and to be kept with family unless that is impossible. This was edict in 7th century in the Arabian peninsula

    Early on in the 17th -19th century in England and later in the US orphans stayed with family… usually the husband of the deceased mother … It was only in the mid-to late 19th or early 20th century that some decided wrongly to change the habit of guardian to that of so-called adoptive ‘parent’.

    The verses from the Quran below are not well translated from the original Arabic-misusing the word adopt/adopted/adoption in place of what was meant which was protector or guardian. Even so it is clear that no one is parent nor can law change a genetic relationship.

    Interestingly enough with the discovery of RNA/DNA and the double helix, the clear unambiguous text in the Quran is substantiated and validated. And more importantly it validates and confirms that a child has rights to his/her own identity as well as rights of inheritance-the latter includes what ever culture, language, customs, religion etc. was theirs via their birth parents and ancestors.

    Sura 33, The Parties (Al-Ahzãb)

    [33:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
    [33:1] O you prophet, you shall reverence GOD and do not obey the disbelievers and the hypocrites. GOD is Omniscient, Most Wise.
    [33:2] Follow what is revealed to you from your Lord. GOD is fully Cognizant of everything you all do.
    [33:3] And put your trust in GOD. GOD suffices as an advocate.

    Devotion to God Is Indivisible

    [33:4] GOD did not give any man two hearts in his chest. Nor did He turn your wives whom you estrange (according to your custom) into your mothers.* Nor did He turn your adopted children into genetic offspring. All these are mere utterances that you have invented. GOD speaks the truth, and He guides in the (right) path.

    Do Not Change Your Names

    [33:5] You shall give your adopted children names that preserve their relationship to their genetic parents. This is more equitable in the sight of GOD. If you do not know their parents, then, as your brethren in religion, you shall treat them as members of your family. You do not commit a sin if you make a mistake in this respect; you are responsible for your purposeful intentions. Allah/God the Forgiver, Most Merciful.

    [33:6] The prophet is closer to the believers than they are to each other, and his wives are like mothers to them. The relatives ought to take care of one another in accordance with Allah’s /God’s scripture. Thus, the believers shall take care of their relatives who immigrate to them, provided they have taken care of their own families first. These are commandments of this scripture.

    As for the verse from Job, it says not that adoption is a good thing … in fact it says the opposite by using the example of the wicked stealing a child from its mother’s breast to repay a loan….

      • Those with whom you spoke -or the texts you read concerning, children suckled (breast fed) , Adopted or Fostered are quite wrong if they claim the Quran permits them. The three are, however, traditional in some places-but tradition is not religious law nor is it sanctioned. Wet nursing is a common practice since the dawn of time-necessary to maintain life of an infant whose mother is unable to feed it for whatever reasons.

        The idea of fostering or adopting is foreign to Islamic thought and to literate muslims; illiterate women and men in North Africa and the Middle East are cognizant of a child not biological NOT being the persons who take them ii in any way their child. Wet nurse is a word in Arabic, and what might be construed as fostering would fall to an aunt, or cousin of the paternal family -or if no other choice is available, to the mother’s family-at least until the child can eat on his/her own. Families had many, many children up until recently, so there were and still are many arms for holding, many mouths to teach, many hands to reach out, and always enough food to go around to just one more.

        When I was12 years old, I renounced Christianity because of the cruelty I suffered and for the hypocrisy I witnessed amongst the so-called pious, and because of the injustice I saw in the wars, the maltreatment of those who were not Anglo, and those whose melanin levels were not peaches and creme. Had I been aware that what sacred texts said and how humans responded to them were often vastly opposite, I might have not bolted -but there is always something that must die before something else can come into the garden to take root.

        I was 37 years old when I read the whole of the Quran during the first Ramadan of my marriage to a muslim from North Africa. I had no thought to become muslim, I just wanted to know what influenced my then-husband’s thought and point of view. When I came to al Ahzab (The Parties) with its clear statements about a child’s rights to identity, I burst into tears because the words spoke to my heart as nothing else ever had before, confirming that I had been right to fight tooth and nail for MY identity, and right to never accept another’s identity. Although I was not obligated to become muslim despite my marriage to one, I embraced it willingly and eagerly.

        The texts of the Quran are not, as some think, contradictory. That they seem so is due to the fact of males at some point in time rearranging them so that the longest surahs are at the beginning and th shortest at the end, The shortest surahs are the first given to Mohammed thru Djibril (Gabriel). It took 40 years for the complete message of Islam to be given to Mohammed, and as time passed and the new muslims needed clarification or even a change in direction, newer verse \replaced earlier statements.

        Thank you for providing the test to your Real Parents post, and for reading my response to your earlier post of today.

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