Dear Adoption, I Thought You Were Over

So much respect here. Thank you, Olivia Ramya.

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Dear Adoption, I Thought You Were Over

You happened so many years ago. Back then you saved me from a life that offered no promises, from a culture in which girls had no worth, from a mother who had no use for me. You gave me parents, a good education, a passport that takes me everywhere and a life that comes with many privileges. I was so lucky.

Also, for over thirty years I knew I could never live up to the expectations that you brought along. I knew I didn’t deserved so much luck.

I didn’t know why, of all people, you saved me? Didn’t you know I wasn’t a good person? Didn’t you know I had darkness in me? I clearly wasn’t worthy of being saved.

With time I distanced myself from you. I didn’t want to be reminded of how undeserving I was. Couldn’t bear to feel…

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