Adoption: What Would Jesus Do?

My own birth mom was and is a Christian, equally as devout as my adoptive mom. I had a different life, not a better one. Adoption does not equal “better”.

Bleeding Hearts

“If you hadn’t been adopted you might never have known Jesus.”

This was said too often in my Evangelical upbringing. In conversations with several other adoptees, I’ve discovered this statement was on repeat throughout their lives as well. It’s safe to say this reflects the mindset of many Christians in regards to adoption.

When I was flying back from New York after meeting my mother for the first time I received a message from a friend asking me how everything went. I was telling her about our visit and how wonderful my mother is. As I began recounting our time together I found myself engaged in an internal battle fighting to reject all the preconceived notions I had been programmed to believe. Had she decided to parent me we would’ve had a great life together. My life wouldn’t have been worse, just different. And, if I hadn’t been adopted, I…

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