Miscarriage vs Abortion (vs Adoption)


Miscarriage vs Abortion (vs Adoption)

I stumbled across this blog today and found it painfully accurate. When I had my one miscarriage, it was of a much-wanted baby. And I grieved. Some family members and friends were supportive and considerate. Others didn’t have a clue. (“It’s not like it was a real baby.”) But, if I had aborted that fetus at the same gestation, I’d be a murderer. Because then it *would* be a real baby, apparently.

If God doesn’t make mistakes, we can only assume He is deliberately killing the unborn. If He is the Great Physician, He’s also the Great Abortionist.

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. 1 Corinthians 15:26

If we are to believe that God created life and death, came to gave us life, gives and takes away, and ultimately will destroy death itself…then we need to stop elevating abortion to something “worse” than miscarriage. Or we need to start grieving with those who lost a child through miscarriage instead of offering platitudes.


3 thoughts on “Miscarriage vs Abortion (vs Adoption)

  1. When I lost a baby, I hurt. Even my own mother poo-poohed the mourning. But there was one (ONE) woman at church who understood and who did not offer me a platitude. Miscarriage is WRONG.

    I’m still searching for the son my parents forced my sister to give up. She mourned him every day of her life. Thank you for this post.

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