Adoption as Redemption

elle cuardaigh


A blessed Imbolc, St Brighid’s Day, and Candlemas to you. Three names bestowed on the same holy day.

Imbolc is another “in between” seasonal holiday (like Samhain), falling midway between the winter and spring solstices. Where Samhain welcomed the coming darkness, Imbolc heralds the coming light. Snowdrops and pregnant ewes are symbols. This was a holiday all over Europe, but especially celebrated by the herding peoples of Ireland, Scotland, etc.

Brighid was a goddess before she was a saint. Downgraded by the Catholic church, which does not approve of women being worshiped unless it’s Mary, the Mother of our Lord. They didn’t consider it a demotion. They called it a redemption. Brighid was mother goddess of childbirth, healing, poetry, prophecy, and smithing. Brigit is patroness saint of (among other things) babies, midwives, children whose parents are not married, healers, nuns, blacksmiths, travellers, scholars and poets. St Brigit of Kildare was…

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