Where I’m coming from

Wrote this exactly two years ago. Apparently it’s still needed.

elle cuardaigh

(Originally written Nov 25, 2013) I’m new at blogging. It was pointed out to me today that readers have no idea what my story is, so they can and do come to conclusions that are not correct. That’s my fault, I apologize, and I hope to fix it now.

Obviously, I’m an adoptee. I’m part of the Baby Scoop Era, born in the early 1960’s in Washington State. It was a closed adoption, as they all were then. Our family doctor facilitated. He also delivered me. There were so many babies available then that it was not unusual for a doctor to handle adoptions instead of an agency or lawyer. There was very little money involved. Just court costs. So it was all on the up and up.

My adoptive parents knew as much about my birth mother as she knew about them, which was precious little. This was also…

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