WARM and The Tangled Red Thread

WARM (Washington Adoption Reunion Movement, originally Washington Adoptees Rights Movement) has added The Tangled Red Thread to their suggested reading list. When any of the books on their list are purchased through their link, they received a small “thank you” commission from amazon, at no additional cost to the customer.

WARM is a non-profit that was instrumental in facilitating my reunion with my birth mother thirty years ago, and I am happy to promote their services. Although searching has changed dramatically due to the Internet, more access to OBCs, and DNA testing, WARM is still needed for their confidential intermediary system. I know some of these CIs as old friends; they are really salt of the earth.

I encourage anyone born and adopted in Washington State to check out their website, and anyone who was reunited by WARM – no matter how long ago – to send a thank-you note with a small donation.

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