In Memory of Jeni Gay Flock: Don’t Wait.

Happy 1st birthday in the next life, Jeni.

elle cuardaigh

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I did not know Jeni, but I wish I did. She was a casual adoptee friend on Facebook. I always looked forward to her comments because she was one of those refreshingly positive, caring, and comical people.

Then she was gone. And I couldn’t believe how much I missed her, since I had never even met her.

Those who really knew and loved her created an event: Sitting Shiva for Jeni. I was honored to be invited. I will light a candle and pray for this generous soul. And I will take the clothes I was going to just drop at Goodwill for sake of convenience and instead donate them to a women’s shelter. I will gather extra supplies and give to the small, local food bank at the Presbyterian church nearby. And (this is the hard one) I will call the animal hospital, to ask if I can return…

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