I’m Not Your Pro-Life Prop

elle cuardaigh


“Anti-choicers march on Washington using adoptees as their excuse for denying women the right to health care. I despise being used as a political tool for anybody, but especially SOB’s that would deny me or my grand-daughters health care.”

This was a friend’s Facebook status earlier this week. And she nailed it.

March for Life Focuses on Adoption as Best Option


It’s nothing new that anti-abortionists push adoption as a “solution” to crisis pregnancy. I guess they don’t notice that it’s the pregnancy that’s the crisis–for whatever reason–and continuing the pregnancy to a different conclusion doesn’t lessen the crisis, it just creates another. It is the common acceptance that concerns me; that replacing a few letters in a bumper sticker makes everything better. A woman can go from selfish murderer to selfless mother, as long as she’s a birth (relinquishing) mother.

  • Because, obviously, if she even thinks about ending…

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