To Matt Walsh and All Those Like Him

I hesitate to write this. Not because I fear a backlash (I have a few dedicated followers, Matt Walsh has thousands, I doubt he will ever see this) but I do not want in any way to drive more people to Matt Walsh’s blog. This blog, (elle cuardaigh, following a tangled red thread), is written from the POV of someone definitely not mainstream. Or hipster. But it’s real, and unlike some, my views have been refined by the fire of personal experience.

I write on the ethics of adoption, because I’ve lived it. I write about birth, death, divorce, rape, suicide and abortion. Heavy stuff, but I have not come by my opinions on a whim. I am willing to have a civil debate with anyone who wants to better understand how I came to my conclusions. But what really sets my teeth on edge are people like Matt Walsh, forever pontificating on subjects he would be wiser to leave alone.


Suicide. It’s the coward’s way out. We are only brave if we suffer needlessly (and expensively…he fails to mention the financial cost of a long death, which our families will pay long after we are gone). Making our spouse, children, and others watch us waste away or die in agony is spiritually uplifting. Because Jesus suffered. Life is to be held onto at any cost, fighting up until the very last gasp. Celebrating life by fighting off death. I wonder if the last seven sayings of Christ were in violation of Life At All Cost? “It is finished” perhaps should have been “It’s not over!” and “Into your hands Father, I commend my spirit” should have been “Please, just five more minutes of agony.”

Do you have terminal brain cancer, Matt? How about the onset of Parkinsons combined with decades’ worth of crippling depression? No? Then shut up.

Abortion. Pretty much the same argument: Selfish and/or sad. But wait, here he has an answer! Adoption, of course. Wonderful, wonderful adoption. It fixes everything! Have that baby and give it away!

Have you ever been pregnant, sir? No? Then shut up.

Feminism. Free yourselves from the shackles of equality, ladies!

Hey Matt. Have you ever been a woman? No? Then shut up.

Even Columbus Day. No one is taking the fun of celebrating the Father of the Transatlantic Slave Trade away from him.

Ever been sold into slavery, Matt? Raped? Had your home and land taken by force? Your entire culture decimated? No? Then shut up.

Just shut the hell up.


Elle Cuardaigh is author of The Tangled Red Thread

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