Interviewed by Paige Adams Strickland

Akin to the Truth: A Memoir of Adoption and Identity

Here are some Qs for you, Elle Caurdaigh:

  • 1- Elle, please tell us about yourself. Where are you from? Your kids? Married? Your job?, etc.
  • Hi Paige, AKA My Favorite Reviewer.
    I need to start with a disclaimer of sorts. Elle Cuardaigh is my pen name. I prize my anonymity. So I cannot share a photo or identifying information. I hope this won’t take the fun out of it for you. With that in mind…
  • I was born in Tacoma, Washington and have always lived and worked in the Seattle-Tacoma area. I have four beautiful daughters from an otherwise disastrous marriage. I do have a job outside the home, but prefer to keep that private.
  • Fair enough.  Privacy is a huge deal, and we Internet Masters do understand that!
  • 2-  So, when do you find time to write?
  • Writing is something I do every day. It’s just part of my…

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