Grow Your Family Through Human Trafficking


photo from Musings of the Lame, by Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy

Life is unfair. You want to adopt, but it is costs so much. You wish for a perfect white newborn, fresh from the womb, with all trace of biological family annihilated so you can pretend you really are the only parents. But it might be trendy and savior-like to get one of those foreign almost-orphans. That’s expensive too! 

Don’t worry, though. Adoption is a miracle that can be bought.

The Real Cost of Adopting a Kid (Time Magazine)

Five Ways to Make Adoption Affordable (WiseBread)

Financing an Adoption (American Adoption)

Amazing how much it costs to separate a baby from its natural mother, while at the same time being the justification: “You can’t afford to keep this baby. Give it a better life.”

Money is the deciding factor. Ever noticed how the rich and famous don’t have to wait for “their” God-ordained child like regular people do? Any rule can be bypassed with enough clout/funding. (See: Madonna in Malawi.)(Twice.)

Pregnant women are courted and trolled, conditioned to embrace their fate as “birthmothers.” They are told they are brave, and making the loving choice. And they certainly are not told they will be paid for their baby. That would be immoral, not to mention illegal. Only her medical expenses are covered (not including therapy, of course). So where does the money go? To all those who stand to profit: agency workers, doctors, lawyers, social workers, court officials…anyone whose paycheck depends on adoptions being finalized.

We are embarrassed by the slavery in our past. Yet we continue to buy and sell human beings. If money cannot be taken out of the process, it will remain a corrupt system. I hope to one day think of adoption as an embarrassing time in our past, in a future where no one would consider buying a baby and calling it “another way to grow a family.”

Elle Cuardaigh is author of The Tangled Red Thread and contributor of The Adoptee Survival Guide


6 thoughts on “Grow Your Family Through Human Trafficking

  1. YUP! Money talks! The payment of expectant moms “expenses” needs to be stopped. Mothers have gotten cars! and there are adoption agencies offering college scholarships…just sign on the dotted line: a baby for a car or college!

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