Adopted Ancestors

Even on Veterans Day, adoptees are shut out.

elle cuardaigh


Today is Veterans Day here in the US.  A day to honor all those who have served, both living and dead.  Many on Facebook or other outlets post black and white photos of grandfathers in uniform or proudly list all known ancestors who served their country, going all the way back to the Revolutionary War.

Early in my voyage on, I discovered my adopted grandfather and my biological grandfather registered for the draft on the same day:  Sept 12, 1918. One in North Dakota and one in Colorado. Both did their duty by signing up, but neither saw a battlefield since the Great War ended Nov 11th that year.

My bio grandfather is remembered as a veteran. My adopted grandfather is not. This was their children’s choice. Even though both men had the same experience (or non-experience), in death they are treated differently. One has a flag on his…

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